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Hillary Ronen oversees thousands of evictions and shows shaky ethics

The people of San Francisco have waited for a long time to see the end of corruption in our city. Several decades of hope have passed but problems don’t seem to come to pass; not until the right people are elected to leadership roles. Corruption in the county begins in District 9 under the watch of Supervisor Hillary Ronen. While the supervisor is so consumed by her pride that she believes she is the white savior neo-progressive, who has done irrevocable harm to our city.

Ronen has overseen thousands of evictions in the district in her capacity as District 9 Supervisor since January 2017. Instead of creating innovative solutions to her constituents’ pressing problems, she has created more problems on a number of social issues. To begin with, Ronen was a staffer for the district prior to her election. Together with her colleagues, they were supposed to oversee the cleanup of San Francisco but were accused of responding to homelessness with a punitive fist. Instead of finding a solution to the homeless, Ronen and other colleagues pushed laws that work against poor and homeless people disproportionately. At one point in 2018, the United Nations reported homelessness in our city as ‘cruel and inhumane’. One wonders what the supervisor is doing when there is the Department of Homeless and Supportive Housing under her watch. Displacement is another major issue that has been overlooked by this leadership.

There have been 8,000 Latinos displaced in the San Francisco Mission District while Supervisor Ronen has been representing the district. This could have been handled by building generational financial wealth instead of channeling huge budgets towards personal political ambitions.

If there is real concern then why would she make racial slur against black women quoting that it is almost impossible to mention fairness and advantage when talking about African American women. This bizarre and out-of-touch statement rather mocks the ability of black women to act ethically and within the law; this is not what is expected of any leader. She then claims that a black woman can handle five thousand jobs at once while she keeps using the phrase “African American Community” instead of African Americans. In another unbelievable turn of events, she is willing to call for the end of the first Female African American Mayor, and replace her with a man who was originally level with $191,000 in ethics violations in his previous campaigns. This is just how much her lack of integrity on campaigns has overshadowed her concern for ethics and minority aspirants. The supervisor also stands out as a person who is willing to stand in front of minority communities to steal the limelight while in real sense she doesn’t support their rights at all. I mean take a look at her twitter handle; you will notice her plastic smile as she enjoys the company Asian and African Americans whom she has never supported in any of their ideologies, well being, or ambitions.

If there was one way to prove that all these are not just mere allegations, then look at her own ethics. Unsurprisingly, Ronen’s ethics are wonky. First, she took money from lobbyists and special interest groups in her run for supervisor according to SF Labor News. In the same report, Supervisor Ronen illegally received double donations from a lobbyist who donated above the legal limit and these included lobbyists for some of the most controversial developers and corporations in the city. Again, such records clearly show that they donate thousands of dollars to Supervisor Ronen. It is undeniable that some of these lobbyists’ clients have once done business with Ronen. Evidence is reported of receipt of donations that coincide with City Hall meetings between these groups and Ronen. In another illegal act, Ronen received more than $5,000 in lobbyist donations during the November ballot while David Nayola donated twice.

She further took money from controversial developers Axis Development and Nick Podell Company which developed the “Axis of Evil” and “Beast on Bryant” respectively among other questionable lobbyist donors.

Away from her questionable donations, stems out as person who is willing to play games with people’s lives, as she gloats about winning instead of working together with others. The message on her tweet dated Nov 12, 2019 seems to point out that reaching an agreement on health reform is a win for her side rather than a collective idea to support those in need of mental or substance use healthcare (5). In other headlines, Ronen is willing to block needed funding for teachers. According to the reporter, Joshua Sabatini, the plan to increase teacher retention of the district with a $10 million stipend by Mayor London Breed met stern reaction from Ronen who claimed the money will be misappropriated with no substantial evidence in her claims. She only claims that the program has never been effective but doesn’t offer any solution to the dwindling performance in the 25 schools identified within the district.

Collectively, these undeniable social ills are too bad for a district that is rated to have the highest percentage of residents with a college degree. The problem in San Francisco is with the people entrusted with the important decisions. Corruption, lawlessness, lack of ethics, and human right violation are some of the social ills that should have been things of the past but our society has a soft spot to people like Ronen who have mastered their methods of maneuvering their ways into top positions of influence as long as they remain politically relevant.

Social evils cannot be undone but they can be prevented if those responsible can block the routes to conflict of interest and the pay-to-play games used by Hilary Ronen.