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Aaron Peskin jokes about beating his wife and yells at Firefighters while drunk

Aaron Dan Peskin represents District 3 in San Francisco. District 3 consists of the neighborhoods of North Beach,Union Square, Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, North Waterfront, Financial District, Maiden Lane, and part of Russian Hill. Aaron Peskin is an established neo-progressive politician who has pulled the wool of San Franciscans eyes for over a decade.

Aaron has been in the office for two terms (2001 - 2009) before being elected in 2015 for the third time. Even after 3 terms, the systems of our city seem to be collapsing. According to the statistics available from the Department of Housing and Urban Development homelessness is the highest its ever been in the last the last two decades. The number of unsheltered people have increased over the past decade and a half while the number of sheltered people is almost stagnant.

Car-break-ins are also occurring at alarming frequency. It has been stated as a city wide epidemic. An epidemic is clearly worthy of a national emergency. There were 54 break-ins every day in the month of February. If we look at the trend, these incidents declined in 2019 compared to 2018 but now again it is showing a rising trend in the months of January and February which means it is going to be worse as we get the data for the months to come.

The public health system is collapsing. After Aaron Peskin voted for steady increase in fees while being on the Board of Supervisors, now he says that he should have followed the issue closely after the fees doubled for patients in need of urgent care. “It turns out we should have been monitoring this much more closely,” says Aaron Peskin, a supervisor who has previously voted in favor of the hospital prices and who is now calling for the hearings.

It is not mismanagement at this point, it reeks more of corruption and misuse of authority on his part.

During a public meeting with the citizens at a local community gathering and coffee shop he made some seriously ill comments.

In response to a question by the woman regarding small businesses, he said, “Do you mean when did I quit beating my wife?”

It is highly inappropriate to say that in front of any audience given that he should be a leader in our city. After this comment another woman did point out to him that she had been a victim of domestic violence and she did not appreciate the joke. (106:00 / 31:18 video) His actions here alone are a good testament of what his beliefs are. Such an insensitive comment in front of an audience is appalling. Domestic violence is not something to joke about and asking that question right in front of a victim who has suffered from it shows his true colors. Such a person does not deserve to have the privilege of serving our city. It is really not surprising as to why the city is in such a bad state, as our elected officials do not know how to carry themselves.

Aaron Peskin has been seen drunk, publicly, many times.

It has been reported that Aaron drunkenly call officials and threatens their jobs for not agreeing to his views about the legal height of buildings that can be erected in the area.The port executive director, Monique Moyer, said that on four separate occasion he threatened staff members during this time for simply disagreeing with him. In a late evening call, Aaron threatened Ms. Moyer telling her that he would go after her - which is a violation of city law. Aaron maintains that he is very serious about his job and his calls late in the evening are not out of boundaries. Aaron does not have a problem crossing boundaries it seems.

During a four-alarm blaze in North beach, Aaron ripped into fire officials while being under influence of alcohol. The commanding officer along with others at the scene testify to this in the internal memos. They could smell alcohol and stated that Aaron ‘not stable on his feet’. When he reached the scene of the fire, he began yelling at the fire-fighting crew as to why there was ‘no water over the fire.’ When he saw an officer on the ground, Gonzalez, he yelled at him and blamed firefighters for screwing up the situation. Gonzalez simply tried to explain the situation and stop Aaron from distracting fire-fighters. Those on the scene could tell that he was not sober just by his eyes, posture and the smell of his breath.

Aaron then also yelled “‘I’m going to destroy you’ and he repeated it,” Gonzalez wrote, “Where is the chief? I want her resignation. This starts at the top.” No sober person would create such a scene.

This is not how a member of the board of supervisors should be behaving. A neo-progressive politician politician with such a track record is not the kind of representative we need. He has no achievements in his three terms in office and is the reason why our city is in dire need of restructuring. If we want change we need representatives who actually work instead of just getting into controversies.

Finally, though unconfirmed, Aaron has attended a recent Board of Supervisors meeting while appearing drunk.

He proceeds to interrupt the Board Meeting to say, "I just want to tell all of my colleagues, clerk of the board ... I love you guys." You can decide for yourself if this elected official attended a meeting of the Board of Supervisors while under the influence.

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